4 Easy Ways to Go Green As a Homeowner

Get Smart!

Smarthomes are becoming increasingly popular due to many people's’ desire to to create a smaller carbon footprint. Connected to your smartphone or mobile device, you can automate everything from your internal temperature, lights and household appliances. Some popular products on the market include Nest, Wemo, and Alexa.

Go Natural!

By opting for all natural cleaning and outdoor maintenance products, you can lower your carbon footprint by up to 40%. Some eco-friendly cleaning products can be found here, but also consider limiting your use of external chemicals when weeding or maintaining your lawn. Natural fertilizer is easy (and less expensive) to make at home, so give this a try if you’ve got some time to experiment and find what works best for your yard.

Go Back to the Earth!

Ever considered composting? It’s a lot easier than you would think. Not only will you reduce your weekly trash amount, but you will be adding key nutrients and organic matter back into your soil which will serve as organic fertilizer for your plants. In addition, compost increases your soil’s ability to retain moisture so you’ll find yourself having to water a lot less. Interested in giving it a try? Here is an easy guide for how to start.

Invest in the Reusable!

A simple way to become a greener homeowner is to start investing in reusable items that can take the place of plastic bags, seran wrap, and plastic grocery bags. If you find yourself packing a sandwich in a plastic zip bag every day, for example, try reusable plastic bags. Some good alternatives to everyday products can be found here.