The Pros and Cons of an HOA

When it comes to neighborhoods with Homeowners Associations, most people have a strong preference. Want to decide if living in an HOA neighborhood is right for you? Take a look at the pro’s and con’s.


  • Problem with your neighbor? Within reason, your HOA is happy to assist with these matters. Take for example, a constantly barking dog - your HOA can easily step in and speak with your neighbor regarding noise violations without you ever having to step out your front door.

  • Well-kept, manicured common areas are a benefit of an HOA neighborhood. Your monthly or annual dues go towards maintaining all of the natural areas and amenities such as park areas, walking trails, the clubhouse, pool, tennis courts and more.

  • In some cases like for townhomes and condos, your yard and surrounding trees and shrubs are maintained by your HOA.


  • The HOA dictates major, and even minor, changes you make to your home. Want to paint your house green or add a screened-in porch? This must get approved by your HOA based on the standards set in place.

  • Added cost is a major reason families opt to find homes without an HOA. Some yearly dues run upwards of $1,200.

  • Lack of freedom can deter someone from buying a home in an HOA-mandated neighborhood. Red tape can become frustrating to someone who wants to do whatever they want whenever they want in the home they own.