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3 Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector

Buying a home can be stressful. You want to be sure you’re asking all of the right questions to the right people, including your home inspector. This is the perfect opportunity to be sure you really understand the home and all of its features so you aren’t left with any surprises.

Where can I shut off my water?

You never know when you may need to shut off your water in an emergency. It’s crucial to know where the valve is located. Usually located in a basement (if your home has one) or on an outside wall in a utility area, the valve must be turned clockwise to shut off the supply for the entire home.

Will this be a problem long term?

It will sound alarming when your inspector is pointing out various flaws within the home. Something to always keep in mind is that they are required to identify everything they see. To manage your stress, always ask “will this be a problem long term?” and “how soon should this be taken care of?” Often times, the inspector will give you a timeline for you to manage each repair, but it’s best to get ahead of the situation by making notes of what needs to be addressed and when.

How should I maintain the HVAC unit and how old is it?

Very few claim to be the expert in HVAC, so it’s smart to ask as many questions as possible about the unit you’ll soon be inheriting with your new home. Find out how old the unit is, how many there are, and what the average maintenance schedule looks like. It’s also smart to simply schedule an appointment with an HVAC company to check the system thoroughly once you move into the home.