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Remodel or not remodel, that is the question..

Kitchen Remodel March 2017

We have lived in our home since May of 2003.  The longest we have ever lived in a home previously was 3 years.  We never even thought of remodeling because we were never anywhere long enough.  Homes built in 2003 definitely have a feel.  The same as a classic split level feels Brady bunch early 80’s.  Our dentil molding and honey colored cabinets and hardwoods boldly declared our homes age.

It must be the floors.  This is what I told myself.  We had hardwood floors that were an absolutely beautiful honey color…….in 2003.  The kids and pets had done a good number on the floors with wear and tear. Colleen and I decided to have our floors refinished.  We would change the step-down family room from carpet to hardwoods and change the color of the existing hardwoods to a nice walnut. Oh, and while we were at it, we decided to have hardwoods installed on the stairs too.  

I asked around and spoke with 3 hardwood vendors.  My normal routine is to find 3 vendors that come highly recommended and then go with my gut after meeting them face-to-face.  Here are a few shots of the space before we had the floors done.


Those are our hounds Luna and Braxton.  Braxton is the little, ornery one.  This is how she spends her free time.  Laying on our patio granite island…


We hired Green Step Flooring out of Cary for the floor project.  Janar, the owner, told us it would take about 7 days and that we would need to be completely out of the house for at least 3 of those days.  It is impossible to be home when the stain and topcoat is applied.  We planned a short trip as a family and when we returned the floors were finished!

This is the only shot I can find of the new floor color.


To keep you in suspense, I’ll wait until my next post to show you the rest of the space.   :-)

The new floors looked great, but now the cabinets were not matching well.. Colleen and I decided that the only way to fix this was to redo the whole kitchen. Were we high on new hardwood fumes or was this a good idea? Either way we were doing it.  Too be honest, I was pretty sure that refinishing the hardwoods would lead to the start of the entire project.

I am fairly sure that a better way to approach a remodel would be not to do the floors first. Whoops.

If you have questions about the project, or questions about your home and a possible remodel there, definitely reach out to me. The Good Living Group is here as a resource for all of your real estate needs and questions.

Enjoy the day, make it a great one!